Q: When will the next Elemental novel be published?

A: Once Ethandun is released I’ll be working hard to get The Circle of Fire finished. It’s mostly done. Just needs a few tweaks to the beginning, some joiners for the middle and a proper ending. No pressure! Looking at a release date somewhere around June/July 2017

Q: When will the next Dacomé Files book be published?

A: Ethandun is out in March 2017. The date differs from store to store but mainly around the middle of March. After that, I’m putting the LDFiles on hold so I can finish the Primord series. Elemental: Circle of Fire is so long overdue. After, I want to make headway with Elemental: Mortuus Aqua. The next Dacomé File will be called Beringia but that’s a long way off yet. Probably the end of this, or beginning of next year.

Q: How many books are in each series?

A: The Primord series beginning with Elemental: The First will be 4 books. The Dacomé Files are all individual stories so there won’t be an ending as such. I’m already planning a futuristic universe for the Elementals but that series will be a while.

Q: Why is your series not called ‘Elemental 1, 2, 3’ etc

A: Because there are already lots of series called Elementals. I wanted to be different. The Primords are an important part of Rose’s story. She hasn’t come across them yet!

Q: Why would you say your story is different from others in the same genre?

A: I don’t think anyone’s written about a mitochondrial Eve in the fiction sense. So it makes this story completely new and original. People love YA Paranormal Fantasy at the moment. Whether its vampires, werewolves, ravens, or people transmuting into otherworldly beings, the audience is there. The only problem I have is that it’s been inundated. I wanted to write something different and something that readers haven’t read before. If people want to read about vampires and werewolves then there is enough out there already. I’ve been researching my story now for 8 years, making sure that it stayed original and didn’t plagiarise anyone else’s work in any way and I think the world is ready for a new fresh idea and something to get your brain thinking about. And its set in Wiltshire – the home of Stonehenge so what’s not to like!

Q: I have a Book Blog and I’d love to review your books, who should I contact?

A: I love to read reviews to find out what readers pick up on in the story and what aspects they liked the most. Please use the Contact page to contact me for a copy and be sure to provide your blog/website address or send me an email to alexmayauthor (at) gmail (dot) com.

Q: What have you read recently that you enjoyed?

A: Most recently I picked up the Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa. When I first started reading it my initial reaction was – this is too young for me. But the beautiful story and Julie’s pretty writing captured me in. Her visualisation is exquisite. All the time I was reading I kept thinking that I could never write anything so vividly beautiful.