The Primord Series

Elemental: The First is the first novel in the Primord Series. Set in present day Warminster, Wiltshire, the story tells of Rose Frost and how, through precognitive dreams, missing townsfolk and an elusive grandmother, her path lies in the mysteries of her ancestor, Halíka Dacomé–a mythical Mitochondrial Eve.

Elemental: Origin fills in some backstory of the House of Xipíle, with Daisy Frost and other side characters from book 1. The ending is essential to read before the launch of book 2

WIP! Alex is still working on the second book in the Primord series, Elemental: The Circle of Fire, which will draw in King Alfred’s Anglo-Saxon Wessex, Longleat Priory in 1347 and modern day Warminster. New characters and a time-travelling plot line will ensure a thrilling sequel in this urban science-fiction series.

LDF: The Battle of Arcanon Major begins at the very beginning. Halíka Dacomé is a warrior princess of a dying race. Her country and planet, Xiryathon, is ill-manned and poorly governed yet she does not give up hope for her people. The final battle draws near…only hope remains.

The Lost Dacomé Files

LDF: Ethandun tells the story of King Alfred’s battle at Ethandun (modern day Edington, Wiltshire) from Lord Tristan Dracanburh’s point of view. His mentor and teacher are the Elemental, Halíka Dacomé. Together they must fight and defeat the Danes. But the cost will be higher than anyone expected. Ethandun will be released in March 2017.

Works in Progress/Unfinished: Elemental: Circle of Fire, LDF: Pyrhon’s Sphere, LDF: Ethandun II, Elemental: Mortuus Aqua, Nikki, Bad Angel story, Lost Xipilé Files #1 – Thebes.

You can see samples of these stories on Wattpad