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I’ve spent a good deal of my time in the pursuit of ghosts in Wiltshire, a pursuit which regrettably has yet to yield anything tangible by way of conclusive proof. My interest in ghosts and haunted houses probably stems from when I was a child and discovered that my grandparents owned a haunted pub. I would listen intently to all the tales, which ultimately fuelled my interest in the supernatural.

It wasn’t until much later – 1995, that I took the initiative and formed an investigative group composed of people I selected for their objective open-mindedness. What followed were several years spent investigating some pretty eerie locations.

Wiltshire’s ancient landscape has a unique beauty, often wild and mysterious, with a rich tapestry of hauntings, folklore and legends. A county regarded by many commentators and authors as possibly the most haunted in Britain. I hope you enjoy my blog posts here, but please forgive me if some of my ramblings are a little tongue-in-cheek. I remain as always, an open-minded sceptic.

Ghosts Wiltshire - Willow

The Ghosts of Wiltshire

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Ghosts of Wiltshire – Your Encounters

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