I created the story of Halíka Dacomé, the first Elemental of the human race, based on a theory.

I’ve always had an interest in ancestry. Today, we can thank the written word for showing us whom our nearest ancestors were. Anyone can trace their family tree back nowadays.

But what if we could investigate further back through the centuries to the time of Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Muhammad or the Kami’s, and find out if we were, in some small part, related to them? Or to the start of true civilisations of the Mesopotamians or Sumerians? Would we find ancestors this far back?

I started researching DNA and  X and Y chromosomes and came across an interesting theory about a Mitochondrial Eve. The further I investigated, the more I found it intriguing. 

Imagine if you were a direct descendant of the first woman of our race, Homo Sapiens. Now imagine if she wasn’t wholly human, a mixture of Earth DNA and something else not necessarily from this world…

Alexandra May
Elemental The First by Alexandra May

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