UFO encounters have been a part of Warminster, and Wiltshire history, since the 17th century. This may be due to the barren and uninhabited Salisbury Plain and miles of vast open landscape between villages. It could be a combination of unusual lights or shadows and mist. The theories are long and extensive as to whether the reports are real or not. That is for each reader to determine on their own.

Wiltshire UK UFO Encounters Alexandra May

Wiltshire, South Western England – UK

But, whether you believe in otherworldly beings or not, there is no doubt that something strange happens in Wiltshire. Have a read through some of the reports and make up your own mind!

As always, I am a sceptic.

Here are the links to documented observations.
This list is for Wiltshire – Warminster and its surrounding area – only.

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Your turn – Your encounters

Have you experienced any unusual phenomena when crossing the Salisbury Plain? Seen a weird light in the sky, or think you’ve seen a UFO in Wiltshire? Please let me know any details such as when, where, who with and attach any footage you took.

My email: alexmayauthor@gmail.com or you can use the comment box at the bottom of this page. 

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16 Replies to “UK – Wiltshire UFO encounters and sightings”

  1. July 30th or perhaps 31st, 1994, viewed from Trowbridge, Wiltshire. Woken by a thunderstorm I could see a stream of lights rising into the sky somewhere towards Bath. Lots of them, maybe a hundred in all. I hot up and opened the window and saw that these white orbs were all over the sky, flying in and out of the clouds. I watched them for nigh on two hours and attempted to wake my boyfriend but he refused to get up. I went into the back garden and watched for at least an hour more, eventually returning to my bedroom window out of fear. I noticed 3 very large shadows moving within the clouds and that the white orbs were thinning out. I tracked many white lights and established that they were vanishing into the 3 shadowy areas. The last of them did this and as I tracked the last of them disappearing the area it vanished in changed from shadow to a pyramid form clad with stationary blue neon lights. Immediately after there was a red flash directly under the pyramid and it changed back to a shadow which rose through the clouds. Within a couple of minutes the storm clouds dissipated in an impossibly short time frame, dawn broke and an unmarked white jet aircraft flew over the house from S.E. to N.W. I’m convinced the phenomena had been spotted on radar and was being investigated. I told everyone that would listen the next day and for some time afterwards but due to ridicule received I never made an official report. It still haunts me.

  2. This is an account of what I believe to be a UFO sighting around 7.30pm on 27/10/2020.
    Location: Driving from East to West on the A303 roughly 5 miles from Stonehenge.
    As soon as I arrived home I posted this account to my friend in Sweden.

    Tonight I saw a U.F.O
    I was driving close to Stonehenge. It was about an hour ago and it was dark although the sky was crystal clear. The moon almost full and the Milky Way totally visible. The clearest night sky I have seen for a long time.
    I saw a bright light in my right side mirror. It was brighter than the car headlights….that is what made it stand out. I looked again. Now I could see that it was rising.
    I did not know what to think. It seemed to float and was coming closer.
    I was concentrating on driving then looked again and WoW!!It was now directly to my right and no more was it just a bright light.
    There were all colours flashing. Blue, golden yellow, emerald green and ribeye red…the deepest yet brightest on colours. I was travelling around 70mph but grabbed my phone and hit on the video camera.
    I could not drive and capture the image. I very nearly crashed trying.
    So, I watched hover in the sky for about a mile desperately looking for somewhere to stop (I was on Motorway)to be able to capture this amazing image.
    It was about 45 degrees
    Up from my right shoulder and appears to be only a few hundred feet away.
    So, then it disappeared beyond some woodland and I could just see flashes through the tree’s until it disappeared from view.
    As soon as I found a place to stop I quickly drew a picture of what I’d seen.
    Very basic but you’ll get the idea..

  3. !n 1955 I lived in Sandridge Park (near Melksham) in a small cottage down a narrow lane in the south-west corner of the park. I spent most nights alone with my fearless German Shepherd dog called Rinty as my family worked till late in the then Sandridge Park Hotel.
    Looking out from the living room inside the cottage facing north, I observed a very bright light shining across the field adjacent to the north side of the cottage coming from the west side of the park. I thought it may have been the lights of a car who got lost looking for the group of cottages near the entrance to the park, as has happened before – but it was not so.
    There was a thin line of trees running west to east along the lane. When Rinty and I walked out of the cottage check out the light source, we were stunned to see this large disk about 30 feet across hovering about 50 feet above the fields below. following the treeline in a very straight unwavering manner. We were only about 6o feet away from the object. Moving on the other side of the trees it gave a very low pitch hum as it moved along. When it came to a small clearing between the trees where we were standing we moved forward a little closer to observe it. At that point, it slowed down and stopped, as if observing us.
    I could describe the surface of the disk more accurately as having a white swirling surface that was not brilliant to look at but emitted a very even bright light with no unevenness to its outer edge. I became nervous while the disc stopped and I looked down at my normally fearless dog looking back at me in the bright light with his eyes wide open and his ears pinned back. So I decided to step back a few feet and the disk started to move off slowly away from us behind the tree line in an easterly direction keeping a constant speed and position. I have never seen anything like that anywhere else in the world.
    I still wonder about what I saw and what would have happened if I had not stepped back when it had stopped moving.
    It seems Wiltshire is of a special interest to these UFOs

    1. Hi, it sounds a lot like the Rendlesham sighting, though different years. Thanks for adding your experience, AM

    2. I lived in Bulford village some years ago, and witnessed a strange event with my sister. We watched a strange light moving silently above wood near our house, hovering and moving silently. This was very spooky and we talked about it a lot. I have seen more events like this.

  4. Hi,
    Last night, me and my partner was driving past Stonehenge, and we both saw in the centre of the stones a large sphere of purple light move from the ground to the top of the stone. Then there was a flash of blue, purple, white light on the other side.
    It was really odd looking it was the first time I had ever driven past. We drove back past the other way a few times and the lights were gone it was just dark.

    I had thought perhaps someone taking pics?
    I know there are light pictures people take. Although after looking on youtube it doesn’t seem to be as a sphere when they take a photo of it.
    But we saw no people and it was all lit up with these lights in the circle.
    I rang a number to ask. It was an enquiry line for Stonehenge.
    He said there were no photoshoots going on that he was aware of. He took my number and said he’d get the people there to call me back.
    What do you think??

  5. I was staying on a boat on the canal at Alton Barnes, It was around 11pm and I went out to have a p*** when I saw this ball of white light slowly hover down and land on the field across the other side of the canal. I went in to tell my brother and he came out, we watched as it sat there for approximately 15 seconds and then shot into the sky and the light disappeared. I feel lucky for witnessing such a sight.

  6. I visited the Salisbury Plain for the first time in 2013 I think it was. Two friends and I were travelling by car to get back to the Village in Wiltshire. As we were driving past we noticed a black disk figure high in the sky, it wasn’t moving it was stood still in the clouds – it was after 5pm and the sky was grey and I’m not too sure if it was raining or not. We observed the disk unsure of what we were witnessing and then the object went into a bright white light and within seconds it had vanished upwards to the sky. I know it definitely wasn’t a plane because they travel slow in the sky and you can witness were the plane is going – this disk vanished upwards in a big bright white light. There wasn’t enough time to catch the moment it happened within seconds we were left shaken and intrigued by what we had seen. I’ll never forget it I thought I would share my experience with others who have been through similar situations to see if their incident connects with ours.

  7. Hi there. I’m from Portsmouth Hants and a member of Hampshire UFO Group, and you can look us up on the Meetup page HUFOG. We are considering a group skywatch up on Salisbury Plain/Warminster this coming June but was wondering what is the best hill around Warminster to observe from, as there are a few and your local knowledge would be very helpful.

    1. Hi there. I would say Cradle Hill. I believe that’s where they do the yearly Skywatch nights. Keep checking back this page as there might be other POV’s. Best regards, Alex

  8. Email Received: 5th Feb 2017

    “Wooten Bassett is rife with ufo activity. For instance, enormous low-flying black triangles (not the tr3-b or black manta) as this thing just was not man made you could just tell. Also strange low flying white orbs to these white ords I call ‘skywriters’ due to their peculiar movements in the sky.

    More often than not if you dedicate half an hour to watching a segment of the sky in WB you will likely see some strange ariel phenomena.

    The one that blew my mind was seeing the black triangle. The beginning of Star Wars when that massive ship passes over silently and R Dreyfuss in his car in c.e’s when the spacecraft flew over it was like a mixture of both.

    The strangest thing was it made almost zero noise but a barely audible buzz (like standing under a pylon) and the air was thick with static.”

    1. I definitely believe in extra terrestrials but the black triangles are confirmed to be military aircraft. Still very shady, though.

      1. I agree, there’re still whole aspects that we are not being told by military establishments. One day we’ll know the truth!

    2. I see a white orb tonight just after midnight in Calne, I would say the size of a car and about 200ft up 30/40mph no sound or anything i also saw simular in Addlestone Surrey a few years ago, both cases on the same nights i have seen feint white glows very high going across the skys a bit faster than planes.

  9. Email Received: 31st Dec 2016
    Hello Alex,
    This a long shot but I live in Chitterne, Wilts and have been looking to join a spotting group in my vicinity you don’t by any chance have a contact that would help ?? I have lived here for 5yrs and have yet to find a group in the Warminster area.

    AM – Can anyone help? Please send me an email to address above and I will forward it on. Thx

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