By Alex May

When it comes to ghostly encounters, I’m an absolute sceptic. I sit on a fence of believing and liking a good ghost story, and keeping a scientific mind of ‘there must be another provable explanation‘.
It doesn’t take away the fact that I experienced an encounter which I still can’t explain to this day.
My experience was at the George Inn at Norton St Philip, just on the border of Wiltshire. Sat with a group of friends, near a roaring fire during winter, the evening was cosy and fun. That was until the temperature dropped and I felt the firm palm of a hand rest on the crown of my head. I quickly turned to see who it was but no one was there. That is it. Something I can’t explain, but it still crosses my mind whether I was being blessed or cursed!
Ask many Wiltshire people who have visited old monuments, buildings, pubs, dark paths, or simply live in older houses and most will have a story of some kind that cannot be explained.

And now, I’m opening this page up to you! Tell your story or encounter or that ‘eerie’ thing that happened. Fill in the Comments box below.
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