Please find below a list of blogs and websites you can currently visit with mentions of books by Alexandra May

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Book Trailer

Here’s the first book trailer we did for Elemental: The First. I hope you enjoy it!

Locations Featured and Info

Here are some great links and information sites about the locations featured in the book. If you find any more that might me useful please contact me and I’ll add it!

Warminster Town

Warminster on
Warminster History

Underground Wiltshire

Article from BBC website on Wiltshire’s underground tunnel system


Longleat on
Lord Bath (owner of Longleat House)

Imber & the Church of St Giles

Imber Church
Imber Village

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO’s in Warminster
BBC Wiltshire article on local UFO’s
Top 6 UFO hotspots in the world
Arthur Shuttlewoods Encounter
UFO Warminster Facebook Page

Alien Encounters

Full list of Wiltshire and significant other Encounters are Here

Halíka Dacomé

Possible Sighting – 1963
Possible Sighting – 1969