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Can you talk a little about what the book is about?

Certainly! The main character is Overlord of the Arcanon Army and a woman. Her father is the King, but this is a land where titles aren’t used so although Halíka Dacomé is a Princess, she isn’t ever known as that.

All her life Halíka wanted to fight wars. Not surprising considering her country has been at war since before she was born. So, the book starts at dawn before the final battle however, Halíka Dacomé is called to meet with her father in the palace. Her father knows that if the war is lost their race will die. Only a few thousand are left so Halíka is surprised when her father issues an ultimatum. Marry the enemy leader and their lives will be spared. She doesn’t agree with this preferring to take her chances on the battlefield. Her father is kept as a hostage and so Halíka must fight. If she wins her father will go free. But she is outnumbered hugely.

Surprisingly for her, her best friends fly in and help her win the battle. But, the enemy is only sent running, not defeated. She is persuaded with her childhood sweetheart to take action and fight for supremacy. With disastrous consequences.

She is betrayed by someone close to her and her world starts to fall apart.

Where did you get the idea for the book?

I always wanted to write books about warrior women and I always wanted to create a role model for teens and young adults. So, originally I wrote Elemental: The First. The main character is a direct descendant of Halíka Dacomé. She discovers she has unusual abilities all because of what blood flows in her veins. While writing this story I wanted to give people an idea of who Halíka Dacomé was before she came to Earth.

What message do you want readers to get from reading the book?

That we are all infallible. And matters of the heart can often blind us and make us do things we would not normally do.

How long did it take to write the book?

Three months, off and on. I think I wrote the majority in about six weeks but I wanted time to reflect afterwards and ended up adding a few more characters that I think the story needed.

Who is your favourite character, or what character was the most fun to write?

I wanted a fun character so I made Jerík, Halíka’s brother is a little bit younger and less serious than everyone else. He was a great character to write.

Can you talk about how you wrote it? Did you do any outlining? Did it take you in any unexpected directions?

With most of my books, I know how it begins and how it ends. Then I fill in the story with the events that lead to the finalé. Following that all I have to do is join the links together to get the story. I had a very clear story line when I wrote this one and I didn’t divert from it at all.

If you could go back and change anything in the novel, what would it be?

I’m not sure I would change anything. I’ve read a few reviews that say there’s maybe too much of the battle. However the story IS about a battle so….

How did you come up with the cover?

As this is the first of The Lost Dacomé Files I wanted some sort of text showing. My graphic designer found something that looked like a newsprint. Following that we added the main shadow and the fire underneath with the magical flare in the centre depicting Halíka’s magic.

When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I actually wrote my first prose when I was six. But I think I knew during my teens I wanted to write a book, I just didn’t know what to write about. From 2001 I started putting some ideas together but something always got in the way. Work, job, not enough time etc.

What are your favourite books and authors?

Hmm, I love Tamora Pierce. Her Alanna Series was one of the first series that I fell in love with. Every release date of Tamora’s next books I was on the doorstep of the local bookshop waiting for my copy!

What are you working on next?

I’m currently writing Elemental: Circle of Fire which is Book 2 of the Primord Series. This one is the modern day version of Halíka Dacomé. Following that it will have to be Pyrhon’s Sphere – Lost Dacomé Files Book 2

What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

Don’t stop after you release your first book. Keeping writing and developing. And take your time. There is no rush.