Telepathy refers to the transfer of thoughts or feelings by means other than the five senses. 

It is the transference of information through thoughts or emotions. Mental telepathy, by definition, is the communication brought about by means other than the sensory organs. Before taking any psychic or telepathy test or joining a telepathy training course, understand what telepathy exactly is. It’s not as easy as it sounds; after all, it’s an apparent communication between minds. Interesting theory?
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Twin Telepathy
Of all the mystery and enigma surrounding twins, twin telepathy is the most mystical and most researched phenomenon. The allure of something paranormal and beyond scientific comprehension has given twin telepathy this mystical status…

Telepathy Techniques
Do you want to learn telepathy techniques that will help you in establishing contact with a person who is sitting in the next room or maybe one who is another city? If yes, you are in the right place as this article will answer your questions about how to develop telepathy techniques.

Telepathy Development
Telepathy is the ability to communicate or transmit messages between minds, without the help of sense organs. It refers to the transmission or communication of thoughts through the mind, which can be developed with regular practice. If you are willing to develop this amazing psychic ability, then find out some simple tips and exercises for telepathy development.

Telepathy And Telekinesis
Usually associated with paranormal phenomenon, telepathy and telekinesis are the psychic powers that are sometimes used by great psychics to study human behavior and super natural sciences. This article will talk briefly about telepathy and telekinesis and the facts related to them.

Telepathic Communication
Living beings communicate with each other in many forms. One such form of communication is telepathic communication. Read on to know more about telepathic communication.

Telepathy Exercises
Telepathic exercises can be really fun and full of intrigue. As we all know telepathy refers to exchange and transfer of information amongst two individuals through extrasensory channels. If you have ever experienced this, are you game for still some more by reading on? Check it out.

Whether you believe in it or not, the important factors remain. We use a small part of our brain for normal everyday usage. Is there a hidden sector that we have yet to access?

Let me know your thoughts…..

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